100 Days of Happiness – Day 3

The Loveable Happy Miss Mary Poppins

Happiness at its purest, simplest and at its best – having a glass of wine with my best friend, whom I have not seen for a few months, and who squeezed a flying visit (30 hours) to Luxembourg into her busy schedule travelling from Kinshasa, DRC to Washington DC, USA. We “only” got to meet for an hour or so today (as my friend has some family commitments tonight), catching up over a glass of Syrah (the Uva Mira from Stellenbosch I mentioned in a previous post), talking about girls’ stuff (pssst – the exact content of the conversation is a secret ;-), realising that it does not matter how often we see each other due to us living two different continents, because we can talk about anything really. I am just so really, really happy and you know what the best part is – my friend and I will…

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100 Days of Happiness – Day 4

The Loveable Happy Miss Mary Poppins

My grocery store was selling my favourite flowers (germini) and my favourite beer mix drink today and I stumbled across a book entitled “Together we will find our happiness” so that so totally, utterly made me happy!!!!!

Happy Saturday everyone! #100HappyDays

Happiness on Day 4 Happiness on Day 4

Yellow Germini Yellow Germini

Favourite Beer Mix Drink Favourite Beer Mix Drink

Fiction Novel about Happiness Fiction Novel about Happiness

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100 Days of Happiness – Day 2

The Loveable Happy Miss Mary Poppins

Bargello Ice-Cream defined my happiness moment on Day 3 of my Challenge. I first noticed this gourmet ice-cream parlour back in autumn on my way to work, and have been walking past it on several occasions always wondering what their ice-cream would taste like. Summer seems to have arrived early this year, and as I did not want to take my chances I asked my friend MFC (My First Commander) if she wanted to meet up with me for an ice-cream during our lunch break. Luckily for me, she agreed and we met at Bargello’s.

Bargello Glacerie (www.bargello.lu) offers ice-cream, which has been homemade according to the Florentine method g (I learnt today that ice-cream was “invented” in Florence during the Renaissance in the 16th century) giving this sweet delight a smooth and creamy consistency without adding colouring, additives or artificial ingredients. There are “only” about 10 milk-based ice-creams…

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