A long overdue update

It is June 25th, 2013 11:58 pm. I can’t sleep. Lying awake, staring at the ceiling in my dark room, I have been wrecking my brain trying to find things that could put me to sleep without having to take 2 Temesta (sleeping tablets). Then it dawned on me. There is one thing, which is seriously therapeutic for me. One thing, that will help me clear my mind, de-clutter my brain, and put me at ease.  Writing. Incredible enough as it sounds, it has been two whole months since my last serious (I mean actually-proper-written-post, not sharing a quote-by-someone-famous-post), how time flies. Now I am sitting here at my dining table in my flat, with a cup of linden tea, in my cuddly pink bathrobe and my snoopy PJs. I guess there is quite a bit of info here, updates to be honest, that I need to fill you in on. So here I go:

  • My flat: Yes, indeed. I have moved out of my parents’ place and into a rented one bedroom apartment. Technically speaking, the apartment is not mine, as I am renting, but the furniture is definitely all MINE. Whoop, whoop, and look at me all grown up, owning furniture, like a big massive dining table that can easily fit 10 people. Wuhu and I got a proper adult bedroom now, with a double bed, massive wardrobe, and two nightstands, proper grown up right? My chateau, as I have lovingly called the flat, is gorgeous. It has got a massive dining/kitchen/living room area, a huge open space which is great for entertaining friends. Also, I have got, what I think real estate agents would call a Master Bathroom, or a Master Bedroom with an Ensuite Bathroom. Now, if this does not sounds like proper grown up, I don’t know. It is the nicest flat I have ever lived in, and I am gradually starting to enjoy living here. I love cooking again (I have been posting a few of my dishes on Facebook, like a Thai Green curry and Tortilla, and my youngest sister was like “What? You can cook? Why did you never cook for us?”). I am also reading loads again – I have stacked all my unread books together – and I really, really had this rule that “I-am-not-allowed-to-buy-any-new-books-until-I-have-read-all-of-these” but then there was Church Fair and they had a second hand book tent and you could like buy like 7 books for 5 Euros, which went towards charity, which I think was completely acceptable excuse to break the rule. I never used to buy second-hand-books, but seriously, I think this has been a big mistake, like ever. And the best of all? Well I have not moved in on my own. Nope. I had a fella move in with me. Yup.  He just turned up on my door step one day, and it was love at first sight, and well, you only live once, so why wait when you got to live now, so he moved in with me. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am happy to introduce you to Carlito, my Carlito.




He is a great house guest, he never leaves the toilet seat up, he doesn’t complain about what I am watching on TV, he gives endless cuddles         unconditionally, he doesn’t make a mess or leaves dirty socks lying around. Only down side is that I still have to train him on how to make my cup of coffee in the morning and bring out the trash. But no guy is perfect, right? LOL!

  • A cup of linden tea: the last couple of days I have felt unwell, nauseous combined with headaches. A migraine possibly, or food poisoning, or my hormones just going on a rollercoaster, so to have peace of mind, I ended up going to see my GP (another doctor’s visit). As it turns out I got an intestinal virus infection. Nothing major though. I just needed another day to recover, got some meds, and am drinking linden tea to soothe my upset tummy and am eating dry biscuits… I am gutted about this, I hate being sick and unwell, and having to pay doctor’s bills… but as my health is my most precious treasure (no Lord of the Rings punt intended), and I really did not want to take my chances. I guess you kind of want an update on my health: well, I still need to go into hospital every 3 weeks for my Herceptin IV. A few weeks back I actually got a port as sticking needles into my veins had been a torturous process leaving me in tears – my poor veins are also clocked up, so once the nurse found the vein, the latter decided not to give any blood, and we had to look for another vein. Agony, I can tell you that. So that is why I got the port implanted in a minor surgery (under local anaesthetic), but it still meant a whole day in hospital, an appointment scheduled in the middle of me moving flat, apparently there was not enough stress in my life yet. Apart from that, I am doing great. I feel like I have lots more energy, find it easier to concentrate and handle my workload. I even when one a two day hike: 15 km on a Saturday, and 10 km on a Sunday, what an achievement for someone as unfit as me! Have a look at some of the pictures I took:




  • Snoopy PJs: I am a massive Snoopy fan, just so you know. I love snoopy PJs and my Snoopy mug. I am also a massive Eeyore fan, I have Eeyore PJs and Eeyore mug. The mug is my favourite, no one is allowed to drink out of it but me, and if that one would break, I would get seriously cross. Just so you know, in case you ever come and visit me J. But honestly, you guys, my love for Snoopy and Eeyore just makes me adorable, right? I know this is completely useless information and utterly random…

Ladies and Gentleman, I am officially back (maybe eve in full swing), so stay tuned for more posts.

Lots of love,

Your Warrior of the Pen

P.S. Yes, writing this post has really helped for me to go to bed and fall asleep, Mission accomplished.