A Passion for Education

So what does a productive day look like? For me it is something along those lines…. 


Last week I got stuck in developing my workshop entitled “Education – a right for all?”. So when I get this “writer’s block” I take my notebook and head to the Development Education Library, run by another NGO, to have a look through their resources and materials. Going through about 4-5 compilations with a particular focus on education. I quickly came across the activities I needed to bring my workshop to life.  I had known all along what message I wanted to pass on the students (appreciation for the education they are receiving here, the importance of quality education and the crucial role teachers play in delivering this), but I just did not know what the best method was to do transfer this. Completely immersed in the different textbooks, I soon came up with the structure, content and activities for my workshop, which included

  • a comparison of a Senegalese and a Luxembourgish classroom with the help of a photograph;
  • a brainstorming activity to think about factors prohibiting access to education and
  • my “diamond” game, where groups of students have to rank different factors according to order of importance and then justify this choice through different arguments – a great activity to develop skills such as ability to compromise and critical thinking.

I left the library with a feeling of relief and accomplishment.


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