Friday Thoughts I

On Friday I submitted my yearly report to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of International Cooperation, which funded my 2012 child rights awareness raising project. Therewith I officially “closed” the year 2012, so it is definitely time to put that year behind me, finish that chapter; it is time to move forward, look ahead and if necessary finish any unfinished business as fast as possible. On my way back to the office, I stopped by at the cathedral, walked in and light a few candles – among them one to say “thank you” and one for a friend abroad.


I then sat down and said a little prayer – a thank you note to “God” for having given me the strength to fight my battle, for having given me my life back, for being alive, for all the support I had by the various people in my life. Sitting on that bench I felt like I was on the brink of a new part of my life. I took a deep breath, grabbed my bag and left.  Opening the cathedral door to let myself outside was like stepping into a new world.

I wrote those thoughts by candle light, in my favourite bar, sipping on a strawberry juice, trying to transform my feelings and thoughts into words and put them down on paper. I felt humbled by what I have experienced since October 3rd, 2012 – my cancerversary. I know full well that my journey is not over, but I can see the silver lining on the horizon, I can see that the sun is about to rise again. For a few moments it was like as if I had made it through already. I felt relieved, grateful, and yes happy, but maybe also a bit overwhelmed, and definitely proud of myself for what I have accomplished.


One thought on “Friday Thoughts I

  1. To pray is like opening a window for forgiveness and acceptance. You go through hard times and a little help from “above” can’t hurt. Though the toughest part of this journey is behind you…this is my dearest wish…it is right to pray for what is already accomplished and for things to come. I don’t call myself a catholic, but I pray to God…ever since I went out of Church, for I don’t believe that any religious institutions like the Vatican really fullfill God’s will. I pray in churches, synagogues…well any places ment for praying. So I respect anyone that does it. I pray for you too…for my passed friends and family members and for worldpeace…never for myself! So I keep on praying for you Steffi till we can jump on beds in Ikea and the journey is finally over. Big Hug 😀

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