Lunch Time Walk

On Ash Wednesday – where Catholics traditionally do not eat meat- one of my work colleagues and I kept wondering what we should give up for Lent 2013. I had never given up anything for the 40 days before Easter and even after having given it much thought I could not think of anything appropriate. I briefly considered “dessert” or “alcohol”, but I knew I would utterly fail at giving those things up, so I rejected them again as soon as they crossed my mind. Then however the idea emerged that maybe instead of giving something up, we should take something up instead, focusing on the positive (Let’s do this) instead of the negative (Do NOT eat or drink this or that). That is how our plan to go for a walk during our lunch break every work day, as long as the weather permits.

I went on my first lunch time walk on Friday, and I was just reminded again how beautiful Luxembourg is. The scenic Petrusse valley is only 5 minutes’ walk from our office, it is very quiet, green space, away from the city centre noise and frequented by people walking their dogs or going for a run, so ideal for to taking up our resolution for Lent. On Friday most of the area was still covered in ice and snow, but today as the temperatures had risen, you could actually see the grass again. My work colleague joined me for this second walk and it felt great walking in this beautiful green setting, in the middle of a busy city, chatting away while taking in the cold, crisp air. It was really refreshing and energising – afterwards I felt like I got a bit of my vitality back, which is great. I took some pictures along the walk, to let you share in the beauty that I got to contemplate during my lunch break.




2 thoughts on “Lunch Time Walk

  1. I love the Petrus valley. For me it is far more impressive than Hide Park or even Central Park. It’s a valley in the middle of a city!! It’s so calm and really suited for relaxing! As for the Lent…Catholics are allowed to eat meat, they don’t have to but it’s not forbidden. The only case I know is if you are member of the Pius community. Lent is a time for repentence, prayer and self-denial during which you have to give up certain types of luxury (including alcohol or desserts as you mentioned it)…for 40 days (sundays NOT included)!

  2. Hi Paolo,
    I think there was a misunderstanding – I wrote that on Ash Wednesday Catholics do not eat meat traditionally, not that it was for the whole of the Lent period 🙂 Oh well I am giving up one luxury and that luxury is sitting lazily around my office and are going outside now for some physical activitiy 😛
    But thanks for the comment!

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